New YouTube Videos

New YouTube Videos

In anticipation of Professor Paul M. Blowers’ return to St Andrew’s this year, three more videos of the Round Table discussion on St Maximus the Confessor (2013) featuring the eminent patristic scholar have been added to the College’s YouTube channel.

In addition to being a keynote speaker at this year’s Patristic Symposium, Prof. Blowers will be delivering the following lectures for the postgraduate online unit 'T9684A Patristic Profile: St Gregory of Nyssa,' coordinated by the Very Revd Dr Doru Costache.

Wednesday, 24 Sept:

  • "Gregory of Nyssa in Historical-Theological Context" (09.30-12.50)
  • "Gregory's Contribution to Trinitarian Orthodoxy" (14.00-16.20)

Thursday, 25 Sept:

  • "Gregory's Theological Cosmology and Anthropology" (09.30-12.50)
  • "Gregory as Biblical Interpreter and Ascetical Theologian" (14.00-16.20)

For registration (credit/auditing), please see the flyer, or email Mr Tasos Kalogerakis at [email protected].