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His Eminence Archbishop Stylianos, College Dean, gave His blessing so that the St Andrew's Patristic Symposia, which have become biennial events, will alternate with the new Theology Symposia, also biennial. Beginning in 2015, Dr Philip Kariatlis, Senior Lecturer in Theology, convened the first Theology Symposium. The rationale behind this choice is the need to give a fuller account of Orthodoxy's treasures, which encompass both past and present witnesses.

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Shown below are the Theology Symposia held by St Andrew's.

2023 St Andrew's Theology Symposium
'For the Life of the World: The Church's Missional Identity and Mission Today'

At a conciliar gathering of all autocephalous Orthodox Churches from all around the world—namely, at the 2016 Holy and Great Council of Crete—a first ever document was formally approved titled, ‘The Mission of the Orthodox Church in Today’s World’. The specific contents of this document addressed the role of the Church in the public sphere arising from the Church’s apostolic character... read more

2019 St Andrew's Theology Symposium
'The Importance of Christology for the 21st Century'

Throughout the centuries practically most if not all theological investigation centred on the person and work of Jesus Christ, mandated of course by the various challenges during the Christian Church’s early years. In the contemporary setting, ongoing interest in Christology... read more

2017 St Andrew's Theology Symposium
'The Mystery of the Trinity: Implications for Everyday Living'

From 1-2 September 2017, St Andrew’s was pleased to host its Second Theology Symposium on the theme "The Mystery of the Trinity: Implications for Everyday Living'... read more

2015 St Andrew's Inaugural Theology Symposium
'The Earth is the Lord's: Environmental Theology and Ethics'

The Symposium was held on 9-10 October, 2015 and primarily explored the sacred depths of creation not only from within different disciplines of theology but also different Christian traditions... read more

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