Liturgical Texts

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The English translations of the holy Orthodox services found on this page are the product of the tireless efforts of the Committee on the Translation of Liturgical Texts, formed in 1990 under the direction of Dr John A.L. Lee.



The Divine Liturgy of Our Father Among the Saints John Chrysostom. Sydney: St Andrew's Orthodox Press, 2005. (Reprinter in a larger format, 2016).

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The Committee on the Translation of Liturgical Texts began the task of translating the Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysosotom in 1992. It was a challenging task because of the unusual nature of some of the language and the complexity of the service itself. Other translations have been carefully compared, but this is intended to be a more accurate version.

Prayers of preparation for Holy Communion, the Blessing of Loaves (Artoklasia) and the Memorial Service (Mnimosino) are also included. The Greek text is based primarily on that in the edition of the Holy Monastery of Simonopetra, Mt Athos.



Marriage Service (ΑΚΟΛΟΥΘΙΑ ΤΟΥ ΓΑΜΟΥ). Sydney: St Andrew's Orthodox Press, 2014.

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The Marriage Service includes the Services of Betrothal, Crowning, Second Marriage and Restoration of Marriage. The rubrics have been kept largely in their traditional form rather than adjusted to cover details of current practice, which in any case is not rigid but allows for variations and different customs.






Book of Prayers: A Selection for Orthodox Christians. Sydney: St Andrew's Orthodox Press, 2013.

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The Book of Prayers, containing both Greek and English, includes a selection of the most common prayers for Orthodox Christians to incorporate into the daily rhythm of their lives. Following a short introduction on prayer, taken from the Ladder of Divine Ascent by St John of Sinai, it includes: Morning Prayers, Evening Prayers, Prayers at Meals, Communion Prayers, The Typica and Occasional Prayers. The prayers are for everyday use.





Funeral Service (ΑΚΟΛΟΥΘΙΑ ΝΕΚΡΩΣΙΜΟΣ). Sydney: St Andrew's Orthodox Press, 2011.

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The Funeral Service is chanted for all those who have fallen asleep, both kings and patriarchs, hierarchs and priests, men and women, young and old. For children a special Funeral Service is given separately. Included are: the Funeral Service for Home and Church; for Renewal Week; for Children; and also for the burial of an unbaptised Child of Christian parents and Non-Orthodox Christians. This book has a profoundly rich theological expression contained within as well as allowing its readers to better understand the deeper meaning behind this solemn service.





Holy Baptism (ΤΟ ΑΓΙΟΝ ΒΑΠΤΙΣΜΑ). Sydney: St Andrew's Orthodox Press, 2008.

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Beyond the Baptism Service, this book also includes prayers for the Making of a Catechumen, Katavasia hymns and the Service of Holy Chrismation for already baptised persons entering the Orthodox Church. The Greek text is essentially that in the Mikron Efchologion, with adjustments in the order to match actual practice.







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