New Publication by Faculty Member

New Publication by Faculty Member

The college faculty congratulates Dr Mario Baghos, Lecturer in Patristics and Church History and Chief Publishing Officer of St Andrew's Orthodox Press, for the publication of his book 'From the Ancient Near East to Christian Byzantium: Kings, Symbols, and Cities.' From the author:

"Comprising a decade's worth of research on the use of religious symbolism in ancient cities by rulers and kings, this book accounts for the shift in this symbolism between the ancient pagan world and Byzantium. It demonstrates that in the latter it was the image of Christ -- specifically of Christ Pantokrator -- that represented the highest aspirations of civilisation in a way that overthrew the ruler cult of pagan antiquity. The book begins with a chapter on Mesopotamia -- where the first cities emerged -- and continues with Egypt, Greece, Rome, Israel, before addressing Christianity in the lengthiest chapter, and finally Christianity's impact on Rome and Constantinople."

The book is now available to purchase from:


For a preview of the 'Introduction' and 'Definitions' sections, as well as the first two chapters, on google books, see