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New YouTube Videos

New YouTube Videos

Three new videos have been added to the St Andrew’s YouTube Channel. These videos feature Professor Pauline Allen and Dr Wendy Mayer's (Centre for Early Christian Studies, Australian Catholic University) keynote presentations at the 2016 Patristic Symposium on St John Chrysostom, as well as the guest lecture delivered by Assoc. Professor Mark Reasoner (Marian University, Indianapolis, USA) in late September. The videos may be viewed via the following links:

Prof. Pauline Allen - 'John Chrysostom after Chalcedon: A Useful Ecumenist?'

Dr Wendy Mayer - 'John Chrysostom: Moral Philosopher and Physician of the Soul'

Assoc. Prof. Mark Reasoner - "'What They Were Makes No Difference to Me": St Paul’s Conflicted Appeal to Church Authority in Galatians 2'