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Unit Weighting                       

9 cps

Type of Unit                




Academic Staff            

Dr Philip Kariatlis, BTh (SCD 1995) BA (Sydney 2000) MTh (SCD 2001), ThD (SCD 2010), Senior Lecturer

Curriculum Objectives

This graduate course unit introduces students to the nature and tasks of theology and to theological method. It provides a foundation for all future theology course units.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a developed understanding of the nature and purpose of theology
  2. Identify and explain the doctrinal presuppositions that are the foundation for theology
  3. Critically analyse the writing of several theological thinkers and key theological texts, ancient and modern
  4. Determine an appropriate methodology for particular theological tasks
  5. Apply the skills of theological reflection to life in the community of faith


  1. The nature and purpose of theology
  2. Overview of history of theology
  3. Theological method
  4. Presuppositions for doing theology
  5. Context for theology
  6. The vocation of the theologian

Assessment Profile

  1. (A) Summary/critical review (1,000 words). Value: 20%. (B) Notes on tutorial contribution (700 words). Value: 10%
  2. Essay (2,000 words). Value: 40%
  3. Exam (1,500 words). Value: 30%


3hr lecture per week on campus, or via distance education