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Graduate Employment

A degree from St Andrew’s equips a graduate with a range of transferable skills attractive to many employers.

These include the proven ability to think clearly and critically, to assess the validity of evidence and complex arguments, and to articulate and defend their own ideas in a rigorous and convincing way.

The intellectual demands of a degree from St Andrew’s is well-recognised for preparing graduates for the pressures and opportunities of many varied careers. In addition to the research and writing skills developed in most degrees at this level, graduates of St Andrew’s demonstrate an ability to analyse many different forms of information and approach issues from a variety of perspectives.

In several professions the in-depth knowledge of theories and traditions of thought, provided by a Bachelor of Theology degree will be especially valued.

These not only include religious institutions, but also the secondary and higher education sector and specific areas such as charitable institutions.

A sensitivity to cultural differences and diversity has a distinct appeal for a growing number of employers in Australia and across the world.