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Unit Weighting                       

9 credit points

Type of Unit                




Academic Staff            

His Grace Bishop Seraphim,  BD (Thessalonica, 1971), Lecturer.
Mr Basilios Psilacos. MCh (Macquarie 2010), BChSc (Macquarie 2008), MTh (Hons) (Aristotle University Thessaloniki 2000), DipByzMusic (Thessaloniki 1998), BByzMusic (Thessaloniki 1996), BTh (SCD1994), Associate Lecturer.

Curriculum Objectives

This course unit introduces students to concepts that provide a foundation for the study of Christian worship.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1.     Demonstrate a knowledge of the biblical, theological, cultural and historical foundations for the practice of Christian worship within a particular tradition
  2.     Demonstrate a knowledge of the current issues within Christian worship
  3.     Use a wide range of liturgical resources
  4.     Prepare and conduct a range of liturgical services
  5.     Differentiate the riches of the Christian liturgical traditions


  1.     The biblical basis for Christian worship
  2.     The theology of Christian worship
  3.     The role of culture in the development of worship
  4.     The historical developments in Christian worship
  5.     Current issues in Christian worship
  6.     Preparation of a Christian worship service

Assessment Profile

  1. Written Tutorial Assignment (1,200 words). Value: 30%
  2. Essay (1,600 words). Value: 40%
  3. Examination (60 minutes). Value: 30%


3hr lecture per week on campus, or via distance education